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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trash Audit 2009 - A Film for People by Matt Altman

Environmental artist Bryant Holsenbeck will be conducting a mini-residency at the College of Charleston from October 18-October 22, 2010. During this time, she will be creating one of her mandala masterpieces in the Addlestone Library’s Sanders Rotunda. The college will celebrate the opening of Bryant’s mandala on Friday, October 22 at 5pm. Chat with the artist during the opening reception and learn more about sustainability efforts at the College of Charleston and throughout the community!

Members of the community contributed CLEAN bottle caps and jar lids to be used in the mandala. Alliance for Planet Earth contributed many of the bottle caps collected during the 2009 Trash Audit. This film, produced by CofC alumnus Matt Altman, documents the event.

For more information visit:

Text: Friends of the Library Exhibit Page, Video: Matt Altman, Poster: Marcello Garofalo, Jerry Spiller & J. van Arnhem

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

SCE&G Plans for a 987 Acre Coal Ash Landfill near Charleston! What you can do to stop this Destruction.

   A South Carolina utility company that drew fire for allegedly tainting a local water supply with coal ash residue, a by-product of burning coal that is known to cause serious illness, recently purchased 987 acres in Colleton County to build a new landfill for the waste.
  The acquisition comes as the federal Environmental Protection Agency weighs a proposal to reclassify coal ash as a hazardous waste material, which would make its disposal more strictly regulated...

!Here is a link to the article from the Post and Courier explaining the details!:


You can submit comments to the EPA to rule that coal ash be regulated as a Subtitle C hazardous waste under the federal resource conservation and recovery act. 
Email them to: rcra-docket@epa.gov in the subject line put attn: Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-RCRA-2009-0640 . 
*Comments must include your name and full address. They are due nov. 19!

Also Greenpeace has set up a form in which you can personalize a already provided message, with an information fill out form.

Tell the EPA: Coal ash is hazardous!

Coal ash, the highly toxic leftovers from burning coal for fuel, contains dangerous pollutants like mercury, lead, and arsenic that can cause cancer and wreak havoc on both plant and animal life. The EPA has let the coal industry dump coal ash into unlined ponds and landfills that leak into our rivers, streams, and recreation areas for far too long.

On May 4, 2010, the EPA issued two very different proposals for regulating coal ash. One proposal put forth by the EPA is good. The other is very bad. The first proposal would classify coal ash as a hazardous waste, which it very much is. The other would classify coal ash as non-hazardous, which would run contrary to the EPA’s own findings and play right into the hands of big polluters. The EPA’s choice is clear: Coal ash must be regulated as a hazardous waste immediately.

Now is the time to tell the EPA and Big Coal fat cats that Americans refuse to be poisoned by dirty energy any longer. 
Help us reach our goal of 10,000 signatures in support of tough rules that protect the health and safety of communities who live in the shadow of the coal industry.

Halsey's Bluesphere: Earth Art Expo!

For events and artist involved please visit: http://halsey.cofc.edu/bluesphere/

This is going on through December 2010

bluesphere: Earth Art Expo was initiated by the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art and made possible by collaborations between many of Charleston's art and education organizations. We seek to bring sustainability education to the residents of Charleston, SC through a mixture of visual art exhibitions, lectures, films and activities focusing on the environment, conservation and how views of our world's resources are presented and expressed through art.
Check it out, it's bound to be Amazing!!